About LPSS

National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is developing a learning and performance support platform that shifts the perspective from classroom learning to personal learning. This solution will create a dynamic and ongoing learning environment with access to enhanced learning resources on demand. The platform will host and deliver the following key services:

Access to research material in relation to LPSS: Talks, Conferences, Whitepapers, and more.

Within the pre-release version of LPSS you will be able to:

Partnership opportunity and benefits

The NRC Learning and Performance Support System addresses training and development in organizations - including public sector, not-for-profit and corporate and industrial workplaces.

NRC is seeking partners of industrial end-users and software solution providers to ensure maximum benefit to industry and overcome two technical challenges:

Partners will realize a high return on investment through reduced training and staff development costs, resulting in increased sector revenues through increased productivity.

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Other services and facilities

NRC offers a range of existing tools and technologies and research services on an individual, fee-for-service basis. Our world-class research facilities and unique combination of world renowned learning, analytics and human computer interfacing expertise, make us an important resource for solving your training challenges in the most innovative ways.

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Christos Sarakinos, Client Relationship Leader